SBA * Consulting LTD chooses First Fidelity Brokerage, Inc to provide Insurance & Risk Consultative Services

Bellmore, NY – February 13, 2013: SBA * Consulting LTD selects First Fidelity Brokerage, Inc. (FFB) ( as the preferred vendor for commercial insurance and risk management consultative services. As many businesses suffer from severe uninsured losses from natural and business disasters, prudent business management require inclusion of insurance and risk review.

SBA * Consulting has now added this specialized area; the Insurance and Risk review service to its 360 GAP Analysis program ( with the aim of reducing the possibility of client uninsured losses in the future.

“When providing insurance and risk reviews, we often find that a great deal of time was spent on looking for the lowest premium, but very little time was spent on understanding the details of coverage’s purchased,” said Eugene B. Podokshik, CPCU, CRIS, Principal and CEO of First Fidelity Brokerage, Inc. If not structured properly, the insurance carrier may not respond to a claim resulting in a devastating impact on the company’s balance sheet, income statement, and even possibly bankruptcy.

Podokshik emphasized, Carriers are unforgiving when it comes to using the fine print in their policies to disclaim coverage. Someone needs to make sure that the program provides the right overages, and that they are written correctly from a technical standpoint.

The vast majority of insurance programs that FFB has reviewed contain exclusions that the policyholders were not aware of. What’s more troubling is that more than half of the programs reviewed contain simple clerical errors that will void coverage if presented with the loss. Some of the common errors that we see time and time again are a) missing names on the named insured schedule, b) missing locations, c) no flood or earthquake coverage, d) and no utility service interruption coverage, e) improper classifications and d) exclusions for your business activity.

“We are very fortunate to be able work with the insurance coverage technicians from First Fidelity Brokerage, Inc.,” said Wayne Spivak, President of SBA * Consulting. Their technical expertise is complemented by their use and reliance on attorneys in the review and procurement of insurance programs. Podokshik calls their unique service – “the game changer in insurance procurement.”

We are also excited about the program they have recently established to assist businesses and homeowners with procurement of flood insurance. Floods are not just on the East Coast; but on every coast, the Great Lakes, on our major rivers as well as minor lakes and can occur in countless other areas and scenarios. The website provides a graphical illustration of several type of flooding that can occur.

The partnership between First Fidelity Brokerage, Inc. and SBA * Consulting LTD is structured to provide this additional value added service at no additional cost to the client. In addition to the coverage and risk reviews, this new service will allow SBA * Consulting clients to see if their premiums are in line with the marketplace, and as well as what additional overages should be considered to better protect the business.

About First Fidelity Brokerage, Inc.

First Fidelity Brokerage, Inc. (FFB) is a full service commercial insurance broker with specialty focus on Real Estate, Construction, Education, Public Entity/Not For Profit, Financial Services, Healthcare and Technology niches. FFBs niche-focus approach is to provide client-centric service by talented brokers who are knowledgeable about a clients business and provide the gamut of risk management and risk transfer services including advocacy from legal professionals experienced with insurance procurement. FFB has access to over 200 insurance carriers and has in-house binding authority with several national insurance carriers for certain business classes.