As recent statistics from the âœ2012 Norton Cybercrime Report show about CyberSecurity:

There are 556 Million victims of cybercrime annually which equates to 1.5 million daily or 18 per second. Two out of three adults online are victims.

The cost of cybercrime is $110 Billion annually, 85% of these direct financial costs result from fraud, required repairs or patching, theft and loss of intellectual property and hits each of these economies annually:

US – $21 Billion
Europe – $16 Billion
China – $46 Billion

Recent article: “US Says Trade Secrets Are at Risk of Being Stolen by China, Russia and Wikileaks”

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Food for thought!

Are your computer systems secure?

Are your computer systems in compliance (ISO/IEC 27002)?

Is your staff trained in the tools necessary for preventing a breach?

Is your staff monitoring your systems 24/7 for potential threats, which are constant; coming from all quarters from social engineering and phishing to physically tapping into your local network?

CyberSecurity Management

Security programs are time consuming and can be disruptive. A good security system can seem disruptive. What alternative is there? Lost productivity, lost and/or stolen data; loss of proprietary information and the edge that your company enjoys.


  • Contingency Planning
  • Cybersecurity Consulting
    • Policy Development and Test Plans
  • Digital and Computer Forensics
  • Information Security Assessment
  • Security Development Lifecycle
  • Security Education and Training
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Threat and Security Operation Services

SBA * Consulting C-Level cadre of seasoned Security professionals including hardware, software consultants and physical security experts. By performing a Threat and Security GAP Analysis, SBA * Consulting can apprise you of your current condition. Included would be mitigation options. We want you to increase ability to fight against CyberWarfare.