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Hiring a consulting firm, especially one that will be filling roles in the C-Suite requires trust and confidence. We want to begin that process by providing you a little info about us.


Known for providing outsourced part-time and/or interim Chief Financial Officers available nationwide. We recently re-defined and re-stated our core philosophy.

Our company now provides CxO’s, C-Level and Senior Managerial Consultants to assist clients with making their organizations as competitive as possible.


At SBA * Consulting we feel that by conducting, in tandem, with a client’s staff a full 360Â GAP Analysis we can ascertain the major and many of the minor issues a company is facing. By assisting and facilitating changes to improve these major issues, we are able to add value to our clients in four ways.

1. Educating our clients; Teaching GAP Analysis and its improvement cycles.

2. Business problems are not silo based. ÂA problem in one functional area has impacts others. It may be caused by problems existing in a third area. We have the breadth of consultants that can assist our clients in any area of a business a problem can be found.

Consulting concept on Dry Erase Board

Consulting being written with a black marker on a dry erase board by a hand.

3. Using the concept behind Short-term Psychotherapy, we assist our Clients by assisting them in correcting the major problems, allowing them to see quantifiable and timely improvements. Follow-up cycles can dwell on fine-tuning previous improvements and working on secondary issues. Projects that are S.M.A.R.T can be accomplished without disrupting their entire business.

4. Affordable. Our desire is to have a short-term engagement; not set-up a remote office at the client’s office.


SBA * Consulting can assist business clients in many facets of their business. We are now a 1-stop consulting business. We do this by enabling management to leverage our consultants to perform project-based assignments conducted by extremely experienced individuals. The job is done once and correctly. Our findings are plain, simple, raw; no sugar coating is done at SBA Â* Consulting.

For more information, contact us atSales@SBAConsulting.comor at http://SBAConsulting.com


C-Level and Senior Management Consultants

Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Officers
Chief Operating Officers
Chief Marketing Officers
Human Resource
Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Service Areas

Due Diligence
Litigation Support
Insurance Review
Emergency Planning
Business Continuity Planning
GAP Analysis
Real Estate Relocation Services
Accounting/ERP/CRM System pre-implementation

*not all inclusive