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Hiring a consulting firm, especially one that will be filling roles in the C-Suite requires trust and confidence. We want to begin that process by providing you a little info about us.  Of course we are more interested in you and the issues you face.


Known for providing outsourced part-time and/or interim (long and short-term) Chief Financial Officers available nationwide.

Our company provides CxO’s, C-Level and Senior Managerial Consultants to assist clients if you need them.


At SBA * Consulting we feel that by assisting a client’s staff conduct a full 360° GAP Analysis we can ascertain the major and many of the minor issues a company is facing. By assisting and facilitating changes to improve these major issues, we are able to add value to our clients in four ways.

1. Educating our clients; Teaching GAP Analysis and its improvement cycles.

2. Business problems are not silo based. A problem in one functional area has impacts others. It may be caused by problems existing in a third area. We have the breadth of consultants that can assist our clients in any area of a business a problem can be found.

Consulting concept on Dry Erase Board
Consulting being written with a black marker on a dry erase board by a hand.

3. Using the concept behind Short-term Psychotherapy, we assist our Clients by assisting them in correcting the major problems, allowing them to see quantifiable and timely improvements. Follow-up cycles can dwell on fine-tuning previous improvements and working on secondary issues. Projects that are S.M.A.R.T can be accomplished without disrupting their entire business.

4. Affordable. Our desire is to have a short-term engagement; not set-up a remote office at the client’s office (however we will entertain mid- and long-term assignments).


SBA * Consulting can assist business clients in many facets of their business. We do this by enabling management to leverage our consultants to perform project-based assignments conducted by extremely experienced individuals. The job is done once and correctly. Our findings are plain, simple, raw; no sugar coating is done at SBA * Consulting.

For more information, contact us at Sales@SBAConsulting.com or schedule a brief meeting.




C-Level and Senior Management Consultants

Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Officers
Chief Operating Officers
Chief Marketing Officers
Human Resource
Supply Chain Management & Logistics

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