Accounting System/ERP/CRM Specification/Purchasing/Implementation Services

Needs Assessment

Needs AssessmentSBA * Consulting will assist you in determining your top-level needs. We advise you on the benefits and disadvantages of your current computer architecture structure. This enables to you create a realistic and comprehensive needs assessment. A needs assessment is a paramount first step, not searching for a particular system. If you don’t know what you need, how will you pick the right solution?

Our services are always from the CFO point of view!

Services include:

Strategic, Operational, Systemic and Accounting/Financial assessment to answer the questions of whether you are using best practices and what needs exist at your company to better capture data to assist in managing and growing your company.

Purchasing Assistance Services

We will facilitate the research into, assist with the selection of possible accounting systems. Locate and gauge vendors/integrators of those systems that best met or meet your needs assessment. We will always take into account any budgetary requirements of the client.

Post-Purchase/Pre-Implementation Services

Facilitate a detailed analysis of your business from the Strategic, Operational, Systemic and Accounting/Financial points of view. SBA * Consulting works with your System Integrator prior to any data is entered. We want to maximize ROI and reduce TCO. We do this by making sure the implementation process takes into account all KPI’s, metrics and other systemic or procedural issues.

Implementation Services

From the Chief Financial Officer’s point of view, make sure the implementation is a smooth, comprehensive and accurate. Monitor staff training and issues so that we know that the production mode is a GO. All systems work and the business is able to take advantage of the new system(s) implemented.

  • We don’t sell Software
  • CFO-centric service
  • Best practice approach
  • All phases of the process
  • For our smaller clients we suggest Xero, but also work with QuickBooks

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