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Your firm is considering moving into new quarters. Is your accounting staff ready, qualified and able to undertake the project? Moving and leasing or acquisition of new space is a very time consuming event which includes financial models, project management and a hand’s on knowledge of the process.

SBA * Consulting LTD has highly experienced (average 25 years) CFOs and Controllers who have been involved deeply in this same process many times. They can provide you with guidance and support you need to make the correct and decisive decisions, and assist in the actual management of the project.

SBA * Consulting LTD can assist in the review of:

 Go/No Go decisions based on complete and concise review of many overlooked and hidden costs
Preparing financial points for your Real Estate Advisor/Negotiator
Analyzing cost of your build-out
Managing the oversight of build-out
Planning, executing and managing your move

SBA * Consulting LTD’s Consultants team with both Management, your Real Estate Broker/Advisor, Attorney and Architect/General Contractor, and even the mover to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

From analyzing General Contractor’s bids to finding the right moving company, to planning your Information Technology move, we’ve done it successfully. We can save and protect you from experiences by decreasing costly and time consuming errors.

We’ve Been There and Will Help You Succeed!