Cash Flow Management

Cash FlowCash Flow Management

Cash flow is the lifeblood of life, be it you personally or your business. Maximizing cash flow allows you to make profit, the brass ring of every business.

What we do

By working with SBA * Consulting we can assist you to prioritize cash management allowing you to set your business up for success. We can provide quick snapshots of your business’s health from multiple viewpoints, which will permit strategic decisions based on a “what if” analysis.

We accomplish this by synchronizing your accounting software to our cloud-based cash management program. This permits us to have an up-to-date financial picture enabling us to have the ability to provide decisions on almost real-time data. We then can provide advice with regards to your cash position, letting you know in advance when you will be in negative flow situation, and modeling scenarios based on potential changes that can move that needle to positive.


Cash Management can permit you insight into your customer base. It will highlight good paying customers and poor paying customers. You then can decide whether you wish to continue servicing or selling to those poor paying customers.

What if

Even with good paying customers, and proper expense management, you may not have enough cash flow at this time. By taking your sales forecast and adjusting it for what if’s (increased sales prices, increased sales volumes, changes in business structure, such as reduced staff or increased staff) we together can model what these effects will be on cash flow.


Organically increasing your cash flow allows you to self-finance your company. This means that you do not need bank loans or alternative financing and the associated interest payments and increased costs associated with financing. Even if you still require financing to meet your business goals, you will require less, reducing interest expense and increasing profits.

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