Virtual-Remote Bookkeeping Services


Introducing Virtual or Remote Bookkeeping Services
for the Small Business

SBA * Consulting will provide qualified full-charge bookkeepers and accountants to help manage your Bookkeeping requirements. We will ONLY have read access on your bank accounts or charge cards. All payments to vendors are processed the client. This enables you the client to maintain control.

The Beginning

We will start by doing a survey (a partial GAP Analysis) of your business. We need to see what aspects of small SAAS based accounting system you require. This survey is done by one our our small business Chief Financial Officers.

We will provide you with an implementation quote. Included will be the charge to move your existing system to Xero. We will also provide what we believe will be the number of hours for  3 months. Toward the end of the 3 months we will provide a quote for the monthly retainer covering a maximum number of hours.

Bookkeeping Services we will provide

  • CFO’s from SBA * Consulting will handle the prior reconciliation of your books, your financial reviews, balance sheets, and sales tax.
  • We use Xero. We’ll get you up and running.
  • Xero is SAAS based.  This means where ever you have an internet connection you have access to your books
  • We are able to implement a wide array of 3rd party add-on products.  These products will increase the value of your accounting data and truly make it useable information.  We will be able to compare Key Performance Indexes (KPIs) or metrics to assist you in running your business.
  • Xero and some of the other products are truly best of breed technology.  This will assist us in maintaining full financial transparency at an affordable price.