Ever have an Embezzlement Susceptibility Probe?

All companies are candidates for embezzlement. Let’s face it, human’s work at companies.  They interface with companies.  They use program computer software for companies.  And humans are fallible.

embezzlementThey can lie, cheat, steal and commit all types of anti-social and criminal behavior if the right triggers are set into motion. Many times these triggers are hidden from company view, Why? Because they happen away from the workplace. They are environmental, genetic, organic or inorganic. You just never what may cause a previously trustworthy and loyal employee to turn to the dark side.

So, have you wondered how susceptible your company is to embezzlement? Have you probed your company to see if you what level of probability that your company can be victimized?

Having a low or high level doesn’t mean you have been a victim of embezzlement. It doesn’t mean that you will be a victim. What it does mean is that embezzlement at your company maybe harder or easier to accomplish.

The ideal is impervious to embezzlement, but this ideal is impractical. The next best solution is to get as close to that ideal as is possible, but you have to be open to seeing the pitfalls.

Think about it….Talk to us and our CFO’s