Do Not Do Business With Companies That Lie From The Outset!!!!

Why do sales people insist on sending emails where they use such obvious lies. Do you they really think we’re that oblivious?

Case in point, sent me an email that say they are following up on my recent interest in their solution. I can tell you I’m not the least interested in what they’ve created and are trying to sell.
More importantly, I’ve NEVER showed interest.

So to write that in your email is a lie. WHY WOULD I DO BUSINESS WITH A FIRM THAT STARTS OUT LYING TO ME???

Areil Cohen of Tripactions, can you answer this???

Another example –

Salesflow for Enterprise ( First they blow smoke claiming an unknown LinkedIn colleague of theirs told them about me, then the email goes on to insult people who don’t use their product (maybe that wasn’t their intent, but a fast reading interprets that way).

Eric Yohay of Salesflowinc don’t you find this unethical???

Last example is the company that wrote me saying I had met them at VOIPIX. Sure, I met with them, six years ago, at a business show. Can we say mining old data. So they didn’t lie, but were cagey with relevance.

If they said, we met at the “xyz” show in 2015 and we’re reaching out…. I may have had a different response.