Brave new world for those who are losers

A new world

I received a piece of fan mail the other day via VCita. I say “fan” mail, because it really wasn’t. Let’s enter that new world…

This is what the person said (typos and lack of grammar as well as thought process are theirs):

Just so you know, you are a complete retard when it comes to business credit and D&B. EIN/FEIN/TID have nothing to do with business credit. unless you use a DUNS#, you are using personal credit, no if and’s or buts… that’s how it works. You know nothing yet you claim to know what you are talking about. I have read much of your writings, and you don’t know much of anything on any subject…. strait retard 🙂

brave new worldOf course they used no name (initials), a fake e-mail address and the obligatory insult, as if that was proof that their point of view trumps mine.

It is sad in a way, this poor individual can never take credit for his triumphant trouncing of my public writings. One would think that this level-headed individual, who clearly has both talent of prose and subject matter would want everyone to know who he or she really is. I mean really “DF” (the initials that were used), I want to know more about your expertise and where you obtained it.

Was it working for D&B? Was it at University? Work? Do you work for a bank or investment house? I’m sure my other reader(s) would want to know.

What a brave new world we have where everyone has an opinion, but most are unable willing to put their name to that opinion.

Sad indeed…. Poor Richard and Alexander Hamilton should be turning over just about now in disgust.

By the way, thank you for reading much of what I have wrote, I do appreciate it.