Why you lose Employees

Words of wisdom

Lauren McDonald wrote this on LinkedIn a while back:

Years ago I quit my job. My boss texted me a day later and asked me to come back. He said “What happened?” I said “nothing happened”. He said “if nothing happened, why can’t you come back?” I responded “nothing happened and that’s why I’m leaving.

Never a lunch, never a coffee, and never a dinner. Never a birthday card. Never an acknowledgement of landing a massive account, or a HUGE placement. NOTHING HAPPENED.””


Our thoughts

This is definitely a key area that supervision and management need to learn.  This concept isn’t taught in college and unfortunately isn’t passed down to the next generation.

Unless you have/had a manager/supervisor who learned this behavior from their prior manager/supervisor, you won’t learn it either (except with the possibility you are learning it here).

It doesn’t take money, it doesn’t really take a lot of time, it takes empathy; an aspect of leadership.