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Ongoing XERO Management & Bookkeeping

Xero beautiful accounting software CertifiedJust like MYOB or QuickBooks accounting systems (only easier and cheaper!), we offer monthly data entry and general bookkeeping assistance. You will find that the costs of bookkeeping for your XERO account can be substantially lower than MYOB or QuickBooks. So if you’re not interested in slogging it out entering your bookkeeping data, have us do it for you, and focus on running your business instead.

MYOB to XERO OR QuickBooks Migration

Dozens of businesses migrate from MYBO or QuickBooks to XERO accounting every day. This normally involves a fixed migration cost which include:

  • Setup or Linking of XERO accounts so we can monitor and assist you with your XERO account
  • Consultation to ensure XERO is the right choice for your business
  • Preparation and import of clean MYOB/QuickBooks data to XERO
  • Manual data entry of interim data into XERO (while you reach the end of financial quarter/year)

Linking XERO to Your Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, PayPal & Other 3rd Party Services

One of XERO’s most powerful features is it’s ability to link directly into your bank account, PayPal account and several other services. Once linked, reconciliation becomes almost automatic. We can advise and link your accounts for you.

Xero for Non-Profits

XERO Training

We can provide comprehensive XERO training. We offer Q&A type training to fill in the gaps in your knowledge or a set program.


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