Shopify’s lack of interaction with clients

So we have a Shopify website and we’re using Shopify Payments (Stripe). In the last week they flagged 37 orders as “High risk of fraud detected Before fulfilling this order or capturing payment, please review the fraud analysis and determine if this order is fraudulent”

Thank you. We didn’t ship those orders. As expected no one has contacted us about a missing order (clue that it is indeed fraud) and we expect by Mid October when people get their bill and start complaining.

So far, two people have file fraud complaints (expected). What is not expected is that Shopify is charging us $15 ea (for something they flagged to start with!).

Why did they accept the charge????

And why is the NO ONE you can contact. Period, end of story. The corporate number (the one on their SEC filings) goes to VM saying go to the website. The website doesn’t a findable contact email address. There is no way to directly contact the Shopify Payments team.

Is it just me or do YOU find this type of customer service behavior unacceptable?