SBA * Consulting LTD Survives Sandy (barely); Seeking to assist businesses with mitigation and recovery

Bellmore, NY – SBA * Consulting, a provider of C-Level and Senior Managerial consultants to the mid-market is expanding its service offering with emergency planning and business continuity services.

Sandy brought over 5+ feet of sea water into our offices. The surge that hit our seaside community was the highest recorded in over 50 years per the locals residents who have lived since the community was built.

In prior storms, our Corporate Office was either dry or sustained 6-8′ of water. Our precautions for Sandy included raising all assets 4 1/2 – 5 feet above the floor. Unfortunately, this time, it wasn’t enough.

We can apply lessons-learned and assist other businesses in the mitigation, business continuity and recovery phases of any business disaster. Now is the best time, to ascertain where deficiencies lie, and correct them.

Why is this the best time to look at business continuity and disaster planning? Two reasons; look at the effects of Sandy on the businesses that took the brunt of the storm and more importantly is that the best time to plan is when you have the time to incorporate mitigation policies prior to a disaster!

It makes little business sense to re-establish bad or inefficient systems, policies, programs and plans. SBA * Consulting CxO’s can bring C-Level, Senior Managerial and Emergency Planning experts to the table; enabling companies the ability to create, manage, facilitate and train their staffs in best-practice approaches.

Utilizing our unique 360 degree GAP Analysis program, we can find those deficiencies, address them and improve all aspects of your company. By instituting proper emergency and business continuity plans, together these new approaches can improve efficiency, productivity, lower costs, raise sales and revenues, prevent catastrophic losses and generally increase overall profitability of the company.

We have the breadth in our Consulting Cadre to address your vertical market with Consultants that average over 25 years of experience each.

Since no single problem is the purview of one single department (called silo thinking), we have experts in various fields that can help. We can provide CFO services, militarily trained Supply Chain Management consultants, COOs, CIOs, Chief Marketing Officers and Human Resource professionals plus other professionals; all able assist your company in growing.


Interim CFO, COO, CIO, CMO & HR services, Internal Audit, Supply Chain Management, Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence, Mid-Market Management Consulting, GAP Analysis, Business Plans, Customer Relations Management (CRM), Business Continuity Plans, Participation on Boards of Directors/Advisors