Ratings – Before You Buy That Accounting, ERP, or CRM System…

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Overall Course Average: a 4 -Star Rating

Overview of On-Demand Course: Before You Buy That Accounting, ERP, or CRM System…

5 -Star Rating by Anonymous

Good review that can be used the next time I have to make this decision!

4 -Star Rating by Anonymous, Vice President of Accountant / Controller..)

Great overall review of steps that need to happen and people that need to be involved. Also cheap does not equal best if significant hurdles would be encountered

5 -Star Rating by Delena VerHey, (Controller at KellyMitchell Group, Inc )

I got more out of this course than I thought I would going in. Some of the concepts introduced can be applied in other areas outside of purchasing or implementing software.
Very useful webinar.

5 -Star Rating by Matt Osmundsen, (Director of Financial Planning at Baldwin Technology Company, Inc.)

Great course! Very informative and helpful.

5 -Star Rating by Anonymous, (Finance & Strategic Planning Consultant)

Great blueprint for moving forward with this type of decision

2 -Star Rating by Tim Philips, (Controller at Self)

Not too insightful

4 -Star Rating by Dustin Traylor, (Senior Accountant at Builders Mutual Insurance)

Would have liked to have mentioned some specific vendors.

3 -Star Rating by Anonymous, (Finance and Accounting Consultant)

Would be better if real world examples were discussed from GAP analysis to the search to implementation

4 -Star Rating by George Holowko, (Operations & Finance Consultant at George Holowko, CPA, CCP)

As an IT Financial leader, I’m a tough critic. Good, broad coverage. Maybe a little about the user acceptance testing (UAT) plans.

4 -Star Rating by Michael Chafe CPA,CMA, (Vice President Finance at Carillion Canada Inc.)

Good high level overview. Some good info on benefits/issues with Saas / Cloud vendors. Provided links to other helpful sources.

5 -Star Rating by Nancy Moreland, (Principal at N. L. Moreland)

As described, 10,000 foot view of the process, categorized into three phases with some good reminders

3 -Star Rating by Wendi Finn, (Business Owner at IS Security Solutions, LLC)

The supporting materials were good and much appreciated. I would have liked to learn more regarding the various tiers of ERP systems.

4 -Star Rating by Anonymous (Controller)

Good basic overview of the process to select an ERP or other new system.

3 -Star Rating by Unknown

Questions on quiz and final exam were not well written. Just an ok course; pretty basic. More real life war stories would have helped.

3 -Star Rating by Bunmi Adeboye, (student at University of Huston)

The supporting materials were easier to follow.

4 -Star Rating by Darin Sobool, (Analyst at Husky Energy)

Anyone who works with systems conversions, updates, etc. will find this course interesting

4 -Star Rating by Anonymous, (Independent Financial Consultant)

Good overview of what companies need to do when evaluating a new system. I too have done numerous ERP implementations in the past and the failures have been with companies who filled their evaluation teams with individuals who had spent years with the same company (had no experiences with other companies to leverage). This resulted in misunderstanding of what the ERP system meant by a certain term (such as factoring) vs. what the company employees meant when they said that same term.

1 As of March 30th, 2017