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Moving to QuickBooks

If you’ve been using QuickBooks for a while you probably know that the desktop version is very limiting. Even if you “graduate” to QB Pro or make the mistake of going on-line, you still had many technical issues (although credit to Intuit for fixing many, but not all of them).

And if you have decided to go SAAS, there is no reason why you should use QB Online. In article on the website Merchant Maverick, Katherine Miller did an excellent comparison between Xero and QuickBooks in her June 4th, 2016 article Xero VS QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks vs Xero

Here is the comparison she made:

Xero vs Quickbooks

Her Final Verdict:

Winner: Xero

That said, at this point, Xero is still leading by a hair. The program is more pleasant to use, the value for the money tends to be better, and the company is very responsive to its users. The real deciding factor is what the users are saying. I look at the feedback on Xero and I see a lot of people who love the program. I look at QuickBooks Online and I frequently see users who are satisfied, but not enthusiastic.”

Some of her observations are no longer relevant, making Xero an even better product, but that is not to say there isn’t room for improvement. One classic area is the ability to print checks on blank stock. Xero is a New Zealand based product. NZ (and for that matter the rest of the world) do not use or understand checks. A small business may still have multiple bank accounts requiring either purchasing different pre-print check stock or using a program that will print the blank check (twice the work).

I have Customer Service (even the most skilled individual has issues) to be exemplary. Typical answers from Customer Service come either same day or next. I have gotten phone time when needed.

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