Marketing: Obvious false statements just doesn’t help!


I just received this email… and it made me chuckle….

 From: Eric Johnson <>

Subject: * SBA.NET.WEB approved at 3.75%

Good morning Wayne!

Just wanted to follow-up on our conversation that we had last November 11th, in regards to SBA.NET.WEB’s new projects. We ran a D&B analysis and you scored 76 out of 80 which places you at the top tier in your industry. We still have SBA.NET.WEB approved for a line of credit at 3.75%  with access to funds for at least  $324,646.00. These funds can be used for unsecured working capital lines of credit or new and used equipment purchases.

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My Best,

Eric Johnson

 President of Financial Services

(949) 390-5411 Office

(949) 242-2697 Fax

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Lies, more lies and bigger lies

I find it interesting that my D&B score is so high. Well knowing D&B it could be, but they are about as accurate and reliable as a politician, but in this case the score is wrong.

Why? Because SBA.NET.WEB doesn’t have a D&B number. SBA.NET.WEB is a division of SBA * Consulting LTD. SBA.NET.WEB doesn’t have its own DUNS number, nor does it come up on a search for DUNS numbers. So how can we have such a great score.

So, what does this tell you about I found it interesting that they say they were mentioned on CNN Money and several other sites, but if you search the sites, you don’t find them.

Oh, I forgot, we never talked in November, and why are you contacting me almost 9 months later….

These shysters just never learn!