Seven Business Concepts That Are Keeping Me Up At Night In 2022

7 issues keeping me up

Cash Flow: Most companies have this issue.  Sales forecasts are getting more difficult, inflation is increasing expenses and people are paying slower…

Employees: This great resignation experiment looks like for many to have gone awry.  Recently the resignations have changed from voluntary to involuntary.  Regardless of how many jobs are filled they are not being hired expeditiously. Will the “recession” force me to reduce my head count?

Work from Home (WFH) Syndrome: Spoiler alerts, not all jobs can be done from home!

  • Not everyone who might be able to work from home is suited for working at home.
  • When you up and move out of state, and to a state where the company has no nexus, you cost the company money (and possibly yourself) due to non-payment of taxes.
  • #Culture, #Diversity and #Inclusion are just words when you, the employee tells me you will only work from home, and really don’t care about those who can’t. That’s just egocentric.

Employees and WFH lead to Rent headaches: Do I need the office space I now have, or will I need more or less.  Do I need to re-configure the office to allow for a Hybrid Office.  Will the “recession” force me to head count?  Rent is one of those crucial fixed expenses I need to deal with long term.

Can I get Credit if my cash flow goes south?  In August, ClearCo, a major provider to E-Com companies of non-dilutive capital laid off a significant number of people.  Their reason is tied to the impending recession. The Fed has raised interest rates.  What effect will that have on my client’s ability to grow or stay in business?

The ongoing Supply Chain issues.  It’s not even close to being fixed.  Will it impact your ability to sell your products or receive products that help drive your company?  With inflation, the supply chain will put pressure on your bottom line.  This ultimately leads back to….

Cash Flow: If we’re going into a recession, Cash Flow Management is going to be paramount.