Good Management does not rely on fear

A Concept Piece


Andrea Koppel, a former CNN Correspondent wrote recently on LinkedIn:

 We all wear masks nowadays when we’re inside a coffee shop, a restaurant or a store …but some of us have been wearing masks

A whole lot longer.

When I was fired from CNN in 2007, I wore a mask and pretended it was a mutual decision. It wasn’t.

When I reported to an incompetent boss, I wore a mask and pretended I respected that person. I didn’t.

When I stayed in jobs longer than I wanted to I wore a mask and said I was happy. I wasn’t.

And the main reason I wore that mask was fear.

Unfortunately, there are whole communities based on fear; using fear of losing one’s job, fear of retaliation, fear of community to control your behavior.

Fear only works if you accept leverage. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” coined by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Standing up for yourself has consequences, some negative; but I refer back to the last quote, even the negative consequences have positives; self-esteem.

Thought of the day

Companies that support the use of fear as intimidation are not using  good governance and failing themselves, their owners and the society as a whole.