Does it matter where you bought that item?

keyboardI recently bought an Omoton KB395 Bluetooth keyboard. It was working like a charm, but I guess one would assume that to be the case.

Pairing it to the iPad was seamless, but that seems more the norm than anything else these days (and I remember the days when it could be a nightmare).

You typed on the keyboard, and magically those letters appeared on the screen… just like on my PC. I don’t know about you, but the on-screen virtual keyboard for typing extended missives is quite stressful. A real keyboard is just easier.

The reason why real keyboards are easier is because it’s tied to my age group. The most important class I ever took was in Junior High School, and you may have guessed it, it was Typing. Where talking about those old manual Remington Typewriters. You really had to it those keys to get the hammers to hit the ribbon and put that letter on the paper.

But I digress. The new-fangled Bluetooth keyboard made by Omoton started to fail. You type an “A” and get “AQ.”  Try “F,” “Frt” appears, an “L,” and “LO” is on the screen and so on.

I’m a doctor, not a Keyboard Specialist! Sorry, Star Trek slip…  “Okay, Houston, we’ve had a problem here” as the famous radio transmission Astronaut Jack Swigert on the Apollo 13 mission made.NASA Astronaut Jack_Swigert

So, what do you do?

I followed all the normal and abby normal procedures for trying to fix the keyboard. I even RTFM’d (Read the Frigging Manual) and checked their website, but to no avail.

So, what’s left to do?

I sent an email to To their credit, I received an email in about 8 hours. To their shame, their response was idiotic.

“Hello Wayne,

Thanks for getting in contact with us.

I am sorry to say I have not found your order details in the system. Can you please send your order ID (eg.123-1234567-1234567) to us? Then we will confirm the order details and provide further solutions.

We look forward to your further information.

Best Regards,

Customer Support Team”

Their response didn’t answer my question. Their rejoinder didn’t explain why they needed my order information. I mean a reasonable answer was to let me know what additional steps I could take myself to fix the issue or that I could return the unit for exchange or repair.

The additional data requested could have been woven into complying with a warranty issue. But no, it was an emphatic “we can’t help you until you prove you bought the unit”

Say what???

Omoton, how can I recommend you to others when you behave in such a rigid and un-customer centric way?

What excuse do you have for this behavior?


After I sent proof of purchase, they did answer my question the next day:

“Thank you for your reply.

Concerning the problem you mentioned before, a setting might be the source of the problem and needs to be adjusted. Please follow the instructions below:”

They also offered a replacement after their fixes didn’t work.