PLEASE NOTE:  We neither have a relationship with the US Small Business Administration (SBA), nor do consulting geared toward obtaining a SBA loan.  We can help you with your accounting that will be required to give the SBA accurate information.  Our advice is go to your local bank.  No consultant can guarantee getting a SBA loan.

Welcome to SBA * Consulting LTD

Do you….

Have cash flow issues?
Runaway Expenses?
An accounting system not accounting?
Projects not being completed properly?
Prepared when things go wrong, sometimes horribly wrong?

Is your Company as efficient as it should or could be?
Is your Executive Team in Alignment?

If your honest answers to any of these questions leaves you in doubt, then you need assistance. SBA * Consulting’s total view 360° GAP Analysis program can help you identify areas of your company that need improvement. Our experts can assist your Company in the facilitation of the needed improvements. Together we can improve your business.

CFO Stories | Wayne Spivak, CFO, SBA * Consulting“, Finance Alliance July 18, 2023

Our value proposition

What distinguishes SBA * Consulting from other management consulting firms? Your problems become our problems, your success or failures they are now our successes and failures. Together we meet the issues and solve them. 

Our breadth of consultants, our project based focus and our transparency. We want to educate and coach you and your staff. Our processes are by design to be transparent. Our activities are to the extent possible, mentoring exercises for you and your staff.  We are strong believers in K*I*S*S (keep it simple silly). 

Simple doesn’t mean that its not complex, but it is easy to manage.

We do not feel we need to make ourselves indispensable. This is our overarching project based philosophy. We’re in it for the long-term.  Some clients are with us for over a decade.  That’s why we share joint responsibilities for all projects.  It is a team effort!  We “win” because you have won!

Why hire us?  Because SBA * Consulting will provide you with the highest probability of a successful outcome  that meets your goals and the least likelihood of a result which hurts your business.  We want you to maximize that project!  We will work with you our client together.

Let us open a conversation where we talk about your business, and explore whether our firm can help you achieve your goals?