uCollect – An easy way to set up a subscription plan

ucollectSo you use Xero and Stripe, and you want to automate monthly billing to include credit card payments?  We’ve found a 3rd party add-on called UCollect.


It is almost that simple.


How does it work?

  1. Connect your uCollect account to your Xero company account.
  2. Connect your uCollect account to your approved payment processor (we recommend and use Stripe) and set some initial settings (see Set up demo)  They also do ACH and also debit cards as well!
  3. Tell uCollect what clients to collect payments from (and provide their relevant details)

That’s it.  uCollect will now initiate the payment through your payment gateway at the selected frequency and mark these invoices as paid in Xero.  You don’t need to change anything if the payment amounts change – other than your Xero invoices.  Everything is driven by your Xero Receivables ledger.

How do you time the payments?

You tell UCollect what time of the day to check your Xero account, and how many days in advance you want them initiate (standard is two, default is 0 for real-time processors.).  Then, every day at the agreed time they connect to your Xero ledger, load up a list of your unpaid invoices and initiate payment from only those customers you have told them to collect payments from. (See Introductory Video)

They generate the payment list and upload it to your payment processor.