Brands: How to ruin your brand in one paragraph…

Brand and LiesLet’s ruin a brand!

Your company spends a great deal of money on developing its brand.  When I received an email at 9:57 AM from a representative of a company that ruins the company’s brand I act!

In one single paragraph, in the first sentence  the salesperson destroyed any chance of a relationship and the company’s brand.  if I did not like the vendor and if I have not previously communicated with the CEO, I would be naming the company.  I would also never use them and would tell you that their behavior is unethical, and if one took that behavior to the logical extreme, how could you trust them with your information.

Salespeople DO NOT DO THIS (ruin brands)!!!

Here is the first sentence of the e-mail, following “Hi Wayne,”

“I called earlier today about scheduling a brief web demonstration on [product]. “

So let us look at the events.  As previously noted, the e-mail was received at 9:57.  I was in my office since 7 AM that day.  My phone never rang.  I received no voice mails.

What is “earlier”?  9AM, 8AM, 7AM?  This e-mail went out at almost 10AM.  Therefore, our salesperson has time referential issues.  He (and it was a “he”) also has issues with the truth.

Why would I want to work with an individual who starts off a conversation is a bold face lie?  I mean, if it were imaginative and you were trying to win a date with me, well maybe – but it really would have to be creative!  But then again, I have been married for almost 30 years, so dating has not happened in a while.

Nonetheless, what school of sales suggests that you make bold face lies?  Exaggerations, of your product, its usefulness, its productivity quotient, maybe, but something so grandiose and easily fact-checked – I guess the guy thinks he’s POTUS?!

What I did, that you should do!

So, I sent the email to the CEO of the company with the following pre-script:

“This type of email degrades your brand.

This buffoon never called.  So, in his first sentence of his pitch he lies.

Shame on you for not managing your people and brand.”

Simple yet direct.  And the CEO responded:

“I appreciate you sending this to me. You’re right.

I’m looking into this today and changes will be made.

Thanks again for taking the time to provide this feedback. You could’ve easily just deleted and ignored this. “

He (the CEO) is correct; I could have deleted the email and never used his company.  I could be bad-mouthing his company, but instead I want him to learn of misdeeds, correct them, and make a better company.

Why?  Do I think I will get any favors?  No, I think I will get a better vendor, and that is money and time well spent.

Lessons Learned

Sales people:  Don’t Lie!!!!!

CEO’s:  Monitor what your Sales People are doing – they can kill your brand!

Potential Customers – Don’t stand for this type of salesmanship!!!!!  Demand honestly from vendors (current and potential).