Marketing Consultant Buscemi joins

Press Release

New York  – Anthony Buscemi has joined SBA * Consulting LTD as our Marketing Consultant.

Anthony Buscemi Marketing ConsultantMarketing Consultant

Tony is a senior marketing and sales strategy executive with a proven track record of achieving profitable business objectives.  He will add another dimension to the C-Suite services as an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer.

His strengths are in strategic planning, branding, marketing communications and sales initiatives, training and support.

In the article The REAL Difference Between Marketing & Advertising  by Kimberly McCall she writes:

Marketing and advertising are fuzzy disciplines to begin with – ask 20 experts what the difference between the two is, and you’ll get 20 diverse responses. Much of the business world stirs marketing and advertising together in one big bouillabaisse of methods to get products to prospects and clients. For professionals implementing marketing and advertising initiatives, however, it is important to understand that the terms are not synonymous.<

Advertising is just one component, or subset, of marketing. Public relations, media planning, product pricing and distribution, sales strategy, customer support, market research and community involvement are all parts of comprehensive marketing efforts. As you market your company and its products or services, keep in mind all the facets that work together to constitute marketing:

Tony has worked with companies from seed to mid-cap, where most either don’t understand the conceptual and actual differences between marketing strategy, marketing and sales.

He can be contacted at,  His LinkedIn profile.