Google Plans Ad-Blocking Feature in Popular Chrome Browser

GoogleGoogle, a company that never stands still is about to put a major kink in e-commerce.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Chrome will be able to block ads.  This change is on the heels of  a list of unacceptable ad types by the Coalition for Better Ads.  These ad types include pop-up ads, ads with countdowns, sticky adas, auto-playing video ads with sound among those the Coalition finds objectionable.

Websites that depend on advertisers may find revenue’s decreasing.

Google is not entirely altruistic

According the the WSJ, Google is trying to rein in the expanding marketplace for 3rd party blockers.  The Journal estimates that 26% of users nation-wide are employing some type of blocker and the marketplace for blockers may endanger Google’s $60 billion in revenue.

How will this impact your company?

If you’re an advertiser that uses unacceptable ads, maybe now is the time to redefine your advertising technology and marketing plan.  The Coalition’s research of what consumers find objectionable or at least annoying is partially behind the technology of ad blockers and Google’s move.  According to the Coalition, they surveyed over 25,000 users in their first phase of research.   Participants disliked four different type of desktop ad technologies and eight mobile web experiences.  It is these twelve ad-types (which eight are unique) that are now deemed unacceptable.

Marketing and Marketing Technology

Companies need to be on top of what is not only happening in their industry, sector and sub-sector but in business in general.  It is important to have planning and budgeting meetings that examine changes in the landscape.  Pre-planning is always less expensive and ultimately a prelude to larger revenues than the alternative; fire-fighting.  For those unfamiliar with that term, it’s when you are caught unaware and need to deal with emergencies that could have been prevented or mitigated ahead of time.