Protecting Your Data and Networks From Ransomware


There is a major RANSOMWARE attack on-going in more than 70 countries

This was first reported May 13th 2017 and over 100 countries have been affected.  

The attack favors Microsoft Window machines.  According to Microsoft if you use their auto-updating feature then you recieved the security update that protects you against this particular attack.  If you don’t, UPDATE IMMEDIATELY!!


An article appeared with this very title about Ransomware on the Financial Executives International website by Dave Pelland on April 25th, 2017.   I then brought up the subject (again) about cyber security, ransomware, data backups on the CFO website  And yet, the response from the CFO community has been tepid.

There are so many scams. The fake IT department calling and requesting your IP address.  Why? To malware embedded in websites and email.  The unwary, non-proficient or the just a disgruntled person can fall victim to many different scams.  Once you fall victim, the consequences can become devastating. Continue reading »

Investor shopping; you need a compelling pitch deck

The Business Lifecycle

Businesses are at one point in their life or another looking for new investors.  One can say Investors are always looking for good investments.  Start-up’s usually need capital and are looking for either seed capital or an “A” round financing.

More mature entrepreneurial companies are looking for further financing.  Some are leaning to the IPO process for funding; others may opt for an merger or to be acquired.  Owners of mature companies (or for that matter all firms) are ultimately looking for an exit.

What is the difference in each of their life cycles?  Not much.  Investors, whether they are buying a percentage or the entire company want to know about your company; and they start with the pitch deck.

Investor pitch deck

The pitch deck is usually the only chance you will get to entice the prospective Investor.  We at SBA * Consulting and our strategic partner Management Interactive LLC have seen quite a few pitch decks.  Some extremely well made, informational and having an aesthetic appeal.  Some, not well made giving the reader very limited information.

Your pitch deck needs to provide the reader with enough information to prove your value proposition and request (for funding, or sale).  If you do entice a potential Investor, you’ve made it to round two.

Investor Information Continue reading »

Bookkeeping – why not use the professionals?

Did you know that Bookkeeping in a small business…accountant-bookkeeping

Prepares and records

• Bill payment
• Bank reconciliation
• Payroll services
• Ledger keeping
• Accounts payable and receivable

Your Bookkeeper is one of the most important members of your team.  Without their assistance, you wouldn’t be able to run your business. Continue reading »

Google Plans Ad-Blocking Feature in Popular Chrome Browser

GoogleGoogle, a company that never stands still is about to put a major kink in e-commerce.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Chrome will be able to block ads.  This change is on the heels of  a list of unacceptable ad types by the Coalition for Better Ads.  These ad types include pop-up ads, ads with countdowns, sticky adas, auto-playing video ads with sound among those the Coalition finds objectionable.

Websites that depend on advertisers may find revenue’s decreasing. Continue reading »

SBA Small Business Loan – you don’t need a consultant

Looking for a SBA Small Business Loan?

sba small business loan - SBA.govSince we’ve been in business we have received calls about helping companies obtain a SBA Small Business Loan.  Our answer is always the same, go to a bank.

You don’t need a consultant.  There is no magic person who can get you that loan.  The only person you may need is your company accountant to assist in filling out the financials.

A short How To

The Small Business Administration has a rather detailed website on what you need to do.  So here are some pointers to ease your way into that SBA Small Business Loan.

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