Investor shopping; you need a compelling pitch deck

The Business Lifecycle

Businesses are at one point in their life or another looking for new investors.  One can say Investors are always looking for good investments.  Start-up’s usually need capital and are looking for either seed capital or an “A” round financing.

More mature entrepreneurial companies are looking for further financing.  Some are leaning to the IPO process for funding; others may opt for an merger or to be acquired.  Owners of mature companies (or for that matter all firms) are ultimately looking for an exit.

What is the difference in each of their life cycles?  Not much.  Investors, whether they are buying a percentage or the entire company want to know about your company; and they start with the pitch deck.

Investor pitch deck

The pitch deck is usually the only chance you will get to entice the prospective Investor.  We at SBA * Consulting and our strategic partner Management Interactive LLC have seen quite a few pitch decks.  Some extremely well made, informational and having an aesthetic appeal.  Some, not well made giving the reader very limited information.

Your pitch deck needs to provide the reader with enough information to prove your value proposition and request (for funding, or sale).  If you do entice a potential Investor, you’ve made it to round two.

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Press Release – Back to the Basics

PRESS RELEASEReleased: April 3rd, 2017

Press Release

Friends and colleagues,

For the last year, I have been a partner at Hardesty LLC. It has been a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. However, it was time to move on.

As of April 1st , I resigned as a partner and will be devoting my skills and energy to my current clients, potential clients and my businesses.

SBA * Consulting ( has a new website and we have brought in Oswaldo Salazar, EA ( to focus on the small business segment. To this end, we have focused more resources on our Xero accounting system practice. We will also be setting up a division to do virtual bookkeeping for those small and nascent companies.

We still are committed to the mid-market and providing CxO’s (albeit mostly CFO’s) to companies that need interim, part-time our outsourced experienced CFO’s. We also can assist in a large range of projects that require the same skill sets, but as a consultant to the CFO other C-Suite members.

Many of you know that I am a partner at Management Interactive LLC (MI) ( whose website is being created as you read this letter. As a symbiotic company, MI assists smaller companies with preparing for investors, going after capital investment and exits.

Part of this requires assistance with business planning, budgeting, and implementation of accounting systems and policies. Implementing these systems not only will help the business to grow, but pass muster on due diligence. I think you can see the crossover symbiotic nature of the relationship.

I look forward to connecting with you and appreciate any leads as we work worldwide and remotely.


Wayne Spivak

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