Social Media Mistakes can be Costly

Social Media LiesPeople just don’t get it.

This is a story of a Social Media Lie.  And if you are reading this blog entry, there mistake has cost them.  I’m sure you will have a negative impression of those companies involved in this blunder.

I received an email on Thursday, 7/6 from a guy named Ryan at

The first four words of the email was a lie: “I tried calling you”. I mean really, you didn’t think I’d check my voice mails? And if you called and didn’t leave a message, you didn’t call.

The company that was being pitched was Boxxeo. Hmmm, two different companies. So who actually sent the email, HelimumSocial or the CEO of Boxxeo who signed the email?

I tried calling the number listed for the CEO and got some guy who wasn’t the CEO of Boxxeo. This gentleman didn’t quite get the point that you can’t get business or start a new relationship with a lie.

Social Media Consequence

Moral – don’t do business with or

You’re in the C-Suite; what would you do now that the event has happened? What advice would you give both companies and how do you save your reputation?

Maybe they should have used SBA * Consulting, as we can provide outsourced Marketing advice…

Planning tips to relieve the angst

Planning Angst

Planning is not easy

SBA * Consulting is currently working with a start-up company.  The CEO and COO are actually old hands in the industry. But nevertheless, this is a start-up and we are starting from scratch.  We are planning for everything since nothing has been created.

There is no Chart of Accounts, no logo, no policies on returns, and no warehouse yet.  We have a product line, but no branding.  We haven’t decided on the office layout and the buildout hasn’t even started.

Let’s not even talk about the website and the e-commerce solution or any other part of the information technology schema.  We are a start-up.

In out project management outline, we have approximately 150 different items to discuss.  Some are “now” items; others are next month and next quarter.  However, all are important and need to be addressed. Continue reading »

Why you need to use a real accounting system

accounting systemThis is a story of a company that is currently using Excel instead of a real accounting system.

I recently was talking to a prospective client who has been in business multiple years and is doing rather nicely.  They are on the cusp of a dramatic increase in sales and as such new that they needed to bring on in some capacity a Chief Financial Officer.

Accounting System vs Excel

During the course of our wide-ranging discussion, I asked what accounting system he was using.  His answer was a little shocking in that this established, multi-year business was using Excel spreadsheets.  When I said that was really an insufficient and potentially a dangerous way to keep one’s books and records, he asked why? Continue reading »

Understanding Blockchain technology



Blockchain, what is it? The article referenced below  is probably the best simple explanation we’ve found about Blockchain. The author uses simple easy to understand language.  He also informs the reader of the real technical terms so when they go off and read other treatises they will understand them.  Lastly the graphics he uses really do emphasize the concepts.

After reading this explaination you’ll understand by Blockchain is taking the accounting and finance industries by storm.
The ultimate 3500-word guide in plain English to understand Blockchain
Written by
Hustler, Programmer, CEO at Horntell

Vendor and IRS Compliance: small business series

Vendor Shuffle

All companies have at least one Vendor .  Most companies have incomplete Vendor files. Do you suffer from this ailment?

SBA * Consulting has been in and out of over fifty businesses since its inception.  Moreover, without fail, every business at calendar year-end has had to do the Vendor 1099 shuffle.

What is the Vendor 1099 shuffle?  That is the overwhelming, time-consuming, deadline-looming, aggravating, blood pressure-raising period from sometime in December to January when you realize you aren’t going to be able to produce your IRS form 1099.

Vendor Database Maintenance

Continue reading »